Natural solutions for irritating fungal infection including Candida and Yeast Infection.
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Cayenne Pepper Extract 40000 H U Dr Christopher 2oz
$13.99   $9.96

Dr. Christopher / Liquid Mild Cayenne Pepper Extract perfect for stomach problems , helps soothe the irritation in the stomach and heal the wounds. May be effective rebuilding... More

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Dr Christophers Black Walnut Extract 2 oz
$14.25   $8.99

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Dr. Christopher / Liquid Black Walnut Extract is rich with iodine and has strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Iodine is extremely effective healing wounds and skin... More

Dr Christophers Cayenne Pepper Extract 180000 H U 1oz
$14.75   $10.15

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Dr. Christopher / Liquid Extremely hot Dr Christophers Cayenne Pepper Extract in the base of grain alcohol. May be used as the strong antifungal and antibacterial extract... More

Herbal Parasite Syrup Dr Christopher 4 oz
$17.99   $11.59

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Dr. Christopher / Liquid Your body may be the sanctuary of various parasites which cause serious health concerns. You may try to cleanse your colon, detoxify other organs but if you... More

OregaMax - 90 capsules

CODE: 635824000044

$29.99   $21.99

North American Herb & Spice / Caps Looking for the effective and completely natural tonic for your entire body?  STOP! You found IT! What are the benefits available for you from... More

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Oreganol - Oil of Oregano - 0.45 oz

CODE: 335824000012

$29.99   $21.15

North American Herb & Spice / Liquid North American Herb & Spice Oil of Oregano is one of the first wild oregano oils introduced into the market that is suitable for the internal intake!... More

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Oreganol P73 - 1 FL. OZ.

CODE: 335824000531

$59.99   $38.99

North American Herb & Spice / Liquid Oreganol P73 can be utilized both internally or topically. This Oreganol is the actual wild oregano oil P73, a mix of suitable for eating species of untamed... More

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Oreganol P73 - 60 gelcaps

CODE: 635824000501

$29.99   $21.99

North American Herb & Spice / Caps Imagine how easy is to provide your body with the amazing power of the wild organic oregano with the simple and convenient way to take a gelcap!... More

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Sinu Orega - 2 FL. OZ.

CODE: 635824002727

$19.99   $14.99

North American Herb & Spice / Liquid, Spray How about the completely natural nasal spray that contains one of the most powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal herbs available?... More

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Super Strength Oreganol P73 - .45 FL. OZ.

CODE: 635824002277

$39.99   $26.99

North American Herb & Spice / Oil When North American Herb & Spice named their product “Super Strong” they weren’t kidding.   Super Strength Oreganol P73... More

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